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Roundabout Rainbows


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I have just started up a new Rainbow Unit and have been leant a copy of Roundabout Rainbows. I can't see this roundabout on the guide shop online anyone know if you can definitely still get the badges for it??

Which of the activities have people completed and have went well?? How do you find it is best to let the girls pick activities? Not sure about my new rainbows yet but the girls I had in my previous unit where never that good at listening for very long so don't think telling them about so many activities at once will go that well?

The previous unit I was involved for about a year but the only badge we complete was a challenge one and we had try to keep it running similar to the previous leader as we got sorted but she didn't really do badges.


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Not a Rainbow leader but might be able to offer some help about badges. The Roundabout badges should still be available, but with the new program coming in lots of smaller Guiding shops have been trying to move their stock/ badges are brought in on request only. On the central Guiding online shop to see some badges and resources you have to be logged into the online shop. When you do an extra tab appears called restricted badges.

As a heads up lots of people have been experiencing delays in getting badges from HQ at the moment, it took me almost a month to get a set of badges .


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We would choose 2 activities from each look learn laugh love and then let the girsl pick between two. Found as well the patience for too many choices was just not there and with two you can maybe print photos or similar so they have an idea of the sorts of things you mgiht do for the activities.

We didn't do the Roundabout RAinbows, so can't help you on good activities, but I would try and pick ones you like and feel are completeable within your restrictions of location, materials, adults present etc etc.

Hope that helped a bit!


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We've also not done roundabout rainbows we mostly do a challenge badge each term/half term as a theme. We also tend to short list to 2,3 or 4 options (depending on what we're doing) have a chat and then each girl gets to vote. We use bits of paper we put into a ballot box (old shoe box) and count up the option with most votes.
Good luck with your new unit :)


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For Roundabouts in general we look at what is feasible/appropriate for us to do, we don't use mats but instead make cards that way girls don't realise there are more options... some of which may not be possible for your unit. The girls usually have 2 or 3 options to choose from. We have sometimes split the choosing session over 2 weeks, picking 2 one week and 2 the next or we've split the girls into 2 groups and let one group choose activities for Look and Learn and the 2nd group activities for Laugh and Love. We did Roundabout Rainbows but it's a couple of years ago, I don't have access to what we did at moment but what worked for our girls /space/equipment may not for yours. If you don't know the girls because they are all new pick a good balance of activities and you won't go far wrong. I can have a look at what we did (we weren't a new unit but had a lot of new girls) but it will be Monday before I have access.