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Question? Samsung smart TV/wi fi? question


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I bought a Samsung smart tv about 2 years ago and it has been great, especially the catch up tv apps for BBC, ITV, Chanel 4 & Chanel 5.
About a month ago iplayer started buffering during programmes, now it is happening every 10 seconds or so (even on the lowest quality setting). It has also started happening occasionally on the other apps but not very often.
I went away on PH and turned the power to the tv off. When I got back i had no issues for maybe 3 days before it started happening again. I read that it could be down to out of date firmware but I have now updated that and the issue remains. I also looked at internet speed and tested this. On my tablet about 7 foot from the tv the dl speed was 4.48, ping 33. When I tried it via the tv browser speed was 0.38, ping 44.
If this was just down to wi fi speed would the other apps not be just as effected? Do I need to get a wireless signal booster even though the signal is fine in the rest of the room? Is there an issue with iplayer? (this is a built in app and you are not able to uninstall/reinstall)

(It is not possible hook the tv up via LAN as there are no sockets anywhere close).
Any suggestions would be gratefully received as I am now very fed up!