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School Assembly on Thinking Day...

Ali Brown Owl

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Hi, I volunteered to go into one of our local schools to talk about Thinking Day - they've just got back to me to say they'd love me to do a 15 minute whole school assembly (Reception to yr 6) on it - anyone else done this and can share any stories or materials they used (I'm not a teacher so a little bit out of my comfort zone!!)........


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Start by asking if anyone has a birthday that day. Go on to explain that 22 February was the birthdays of Lord and Lady Baden-Powell.

Follow up with that Scouts call the day Founder's Day, where as we call it Thinking Day, when as well as reminding us of the founders, we think of girls (and boys!!) who are members all over the world, in over 100 countries.

We are all different, but several things unite us - a Promise, uniform, badges. Show a large-ish picture of a World badge, saying it can be worn by any member in any country throughout the world, and explain simply the meaning of the different parts.

Hope this helps.


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I would also include how Lord B-P had the camp on Brownsea Island and wrote a book about Scouting for Boys. Mention Crystal Palace rally where girls turned up and declared themselves as Girl Scouts. Agnes B-P became the main Leader . What about Rosebuds in 1914 who became Brownies and then much later in 1987 Rainbows


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Make it practical and get kids up to the front to do things. Dress them up in a necker and turn it into a sling, that sort of thing. Include boys or they might switch off if you're only talking about girls. So make lots of links to Scouting - you'll have some Beavers and Cubs in your audience who'll start nodding along enthusiastically (one hopes!) and that helps get everyone else on board. If you are up for it, you could teach them your favourite daft action song ...

Ali Brown Owl

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Hi, thought I'd just post what I did in case it's helpful to anyone else - it seemed to go down well.

There was a great uniform turnout - about 40 - 45 assorted rainbows, brownies, cubs and beavers, with a handful of scouts (though the guides in Yr6 hadn't worn uniform). I started by asking them if they knew what David Attenborough, the Queen, David Beckham, JK Rowling and Nanny McPhee (Emma Thompson) had in common (checking that they knew who they were) - all either guides or scouts. I told them about how scouts and guides were formed, and talked about the Promise and the Law, showing them a big picture of the WAGGGS badge, and numbers of guides and scouts in UK and the world. I got the brownies, cubs etc to say what sort of things they did at meetings, and what they all enjoyed, then linked that to the Promise. Talked about what Thinking Day represents, told them how Ging Gang Goolie was written, then taught it to all of them and got them singing it (thought this was probably better than teaching the brownies' actual favourite song which is Baby Bumblebee!). Finished up with a Thinking Day candle ceremony using human candles - took around 20 minutes in total. I'd also got a load of pictures on display boards which we had out at our 50th Jubilee last year, so I brought those along for them to look at on the way out. And most importantly, did not forget to leave a little pile of volunteer postcards in the staff room!