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Question? Sleeping arrangements


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Time to allocate beds, please tell us if you would prefer top or bottom bunks. If you need a bottom bunk due to medical reasons please let us know as we will be giving priority to those who medically can't first.

Also let us know if you would like to share with anyone in particular.


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Bottom bunk please in a room with people who are likely to stay up late - and sorry if I'm hayfever-y I will snore so maybe people who snore too! Thanks


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I'm a snorer too - oops! It's hard to say whether I'd want early or late, as it depends entirely on your bunk mates definition lol! My first GTG I said early but found people went to bed much later than me, and at the last one I put late but one of our roommates needed to be in bed earlier... So I'm happy wherever, and if I'm later than others I promise to be super quiet coming to bed!

I'd prefer a bottom bunk if possible - last time I took the top bunk, but my M.E. played up and I really struggled getting in and out. However, I know there are some people that absolutely must have bottom bunk, so if it causes any problems I can try again with the top bunk :)


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Bottom bunk please, with/near Dollypip (but I know she might have knee problem that weekend so can cope if this is not poss)


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I don't its the hospital that is they're causing me grief saying I'm not booked in the day they told me I was booked on.
Don't mind either bunk wise depending on how easy it is to climb on top bunk.
I tend to go to bed slightly earlier as I need my sleep but don't mind who I share with. I'll bring ear plugs to block out the sound of snoring lol.
OOOH Just seen this - Apologies for not responding sooner - I "aparently" although I have never heard myself - snore like a steam train and have also been acused of letting off wind in my sleep - Maybe I should just sleep out in the field on my own :sleeping: xxx