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Small Brownie Unit


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I have been in Scouting for 10 years. Just about to restart a Guide unit. The Brownie unit doesn't seem as popular as the equivalent age Cub Unit

My question is has anyone had a popular Guide unit even though the Brownie unit was small?

I've experience in the past an Explorer unit that was much bigger than the Scout unit so I'm hopeful!

Any advice on getting new joiners from outwith Guiding.


Although most girls in Guides have been Brownies first, that isn't always the case. If your programme is attractive enough, then the girls will come whether they have been Brownies or not.

First step to attracting members is reaching them. So could you do an assembly at a local school, or send leaflets home via it? Could you put items in local newspapers and posters around the town? What about webgroups and sites in your local area? What does your DC, and the County PR Adviser suggest?


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DC is on holiday at he moment but I've booked a table for the primary school Christmas Fayre.

I think I need to make a list! Thanks for the suggestions.


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A few of our local Guide units are bigger than the Brownies as they have more leaders, or they have a higher unit capacity (within reason you as the unit leader can set your max number for unit members).

Also don’t underestimate the power of word of mouth. Once you start meetings and girls start telling their friends what they’ve been up to you might get a few new enquiries. We have a link to Go/JU off in our signature block for the unit email, and in our unit information sheet that’s given to parents/caregivers we have a short paragraph about what to do if they know someone who’d like to join.


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We have a unit of 22 Guides and 5 senior section. We get about 4 brownies per term coming up from one unit, 1 or 2 from the other and the rest join us throughout the year.

After October break we had 4 new starts, one from Brownies and the rest just through word of mouth.

This time 2 years ago we had 9 Guides, no formal SS programme and we’ve just built it up from there.


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If you make the Unit fun and varied with not too much school like activities then they will come. I have a Guide Unit of 41 and there are currently only 9 girls in each of the 2 Brownie Units that feed it. Once girls come they tell their friends and then they want to come too.