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So annoyed off with Leisure Centre


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Oh have just come back from guides and have been so annoyed need to get this off my chest, not been havng the best of weeks anyway.

bit of back ground, We use a hall owned by the council that is connected to a leisure center (LC). Since September time (if not before) we have been told by the cleaner to leave the hall open as he comes in after guides was not keen on this but he metioned a few times so we started doing it. Started back at guides 3 weeks ago, 1st week planning meeting (pl council) 2nd week patrols GFI planning so paperwork, last week did not meet due to snow.

Last week I had ex guider come into work saying she had the hall cleaner speak to her about finding the hall open & Lights etc on the morning after guides. Must have got confused as now found out was not cleaner but someone else to do with hall. Told her why and we said perhaps cleaner has changed nice for LC or someone to let us know (we are not sure if cleaner has infact changed).
So tonight went back to guides, for brownie leader/dc to point out a poster that had been left on wall.

poster is dated 2 weeks ago 10PM (unlikely as LC always close early)basically saying lights left one, door open, kitchen was a mess & Not hoovered, any guides used hall last, also not at bottom saying cleaner left note in some book (dont knwo where this book is) and someone has put my name and where I work and my last place of work.

Have to say I was not impressed and took my anger out on poster by ripping to shreds. Well ex leader comes in later for chat (was arranged few week back) I discussed note with her and we have put note back together as evidence. I am ringing council tomorrow to tell them what is going on.

What I was really annoyed about was not so much the leaving door open as cleaner told me to but more the kitchen in mess - We have not used it, & not hoovered - I tried to one night to find hoover was not there asked LC and they said all hoovers not working.

What do they expect me to do.

Sorry for such a long post just really needed to get this rant out of my system got enough problems at home this week without having to deal with this ****, guides saw the poster and they are also not impressed, infact they could not beleive it had been left on wall.
If there was another place to use for guides I would be there instead this hall is always messy.
Going to stop now and get a glass of wine out.


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And Breathe.....
Speak to your contact, and try to find some common ground, i.e. you lock up, even if a cleaner is planned to come in, you cannot guarantee that they will appear, and any communication goes through your email/personal PRIVATE number, and if they expect you to clean, they have to provide the materials.

Also, take some photos when you go in and out for a while, and email them over so people know what you arrive to and leave them.


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Also, take some photos when you go in and out for a while, and email them over so people know what you arrive to and leave them.
My guides told me to take photos when leaving tonight, unfortuantly I did not take the comera tonight but will do from now on.
We have had issues with cleanness before were told to tidy but we could not sure the hoover due to H&S etc. Thought we got over all that 2 yr ago.

do feel alot vetter just getting it out my system :)