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Something for the Rangers


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The Rangers are going to be doing a 'Frosty Camp' (more likely staying in a wood cabin, but we'll see what the weather is like!) for a weekend in late February. We did this a few years back & went to Go Ape on the Saturday (which was brilliant!). This time we were hoping to go on the segway course that they also have, but it isn't open for another month ... so we need an alternative.

The treetop adventure at Go Ape isn't an option this time as we have a member who isn't comfortable with the climbing element/rope bridges. We did look at Airkix (indoor skydiving) which is a bit pricey.

We are staying in Farnham, but a couple of us do have cars so we can travel if need be. We don't mind being outdoors, though it would need to be something that we could do whatever the weather.

If anyone has any suggestions, we'd be grateful! And the quirky-er the better :D


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Alder shot has a ski slope which would be kinda frosty.. You could go snowboarding or donutting
Gravity force in camberley is an indoor trampoline park that I really want to go to!


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Thanks for the suggestions!

We've already been to Air Hop (Guides went recently and the majority of the Rangers are also YLs) and while it was fun, I don't think they were really excited enough by it to go again, but I will throw it into the mix! Donutting hasn't been suggested thus far, so I'll put that to them too :)

We've found a couple more activities in Basingstoke - the same place where the indoor skydiving is - which look intriguing! One is brush-boarding and the other is Skiplex ... Has anyone heard of or done either activity before?


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You also have the option of ice skating/bowling/swimming at Guildford Spectrum. There is also climbing at Craggy Island in Guildford, but that might not work for your girl who doesn't like that sort of thing.