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Question? Song: "And were you a Brownie..."


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I pretty sure it's on the 'songs through the century' CD (or called something like that!) which came out in 2010 if someone you know has a copy. I've mislaid mine or I'd offer to lend it to you... I've got it on a cassette tape as well somewhere which I could probably find if you're stuck... I'm now sitting here singing it to myself but that's not going to help you learn the tune!
I had a look at the thread and it says to the tune of 'John Brown's body' for the first song ' Brownie Guides' and 'Clementine' for the second 'We are Brownies'.


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It can be sung very nicely to the tune of "When a knight won his spurs".
That was my favourite song in infant school. I was very disappointed to find that we didn't sing it when I moved to a new school (different town) as a junior, but I still sing it around the house. The last time I sang it in school was over forty years ago!

I can't find the lyrics, but would be interested in them if anyone has them please.