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Songs not suitable for young ears!


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There are now some more traditional versions that I'll never be able to sing with a straight face again - oh dear! :D


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While you are at it :p ... I have some 14+ Guides just waiting for the right song to prove how much more mature they are then the 'littlies'

Said Guides have already taken it upon themselves to change the tone and rhythm of 'Linger' to give a completely different impression to what was originally intended! It's particularly suggestive... And unfortunately my LiT and I can't get it out of our head when someone mentions the song in a civil setting!
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Can I please have a copy of the adult song book? with any luck it might actually get our SS and YL singing something other than Charlie had a pigeon (after the last time we went though a fifteen minute rendition on the coach I informed them at the pigeon didn't come home covered in anything cos I shot it! The End!)