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Question? Songs with Colours in?


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Each spring we visit our local sheltered accommodation and entertain the residents. We try to theme it so we are not simply repeating the same thing every year. We have done seasons, around the world etc and this year we have chosen Colour as the theme.
Can you help me create a list of songs and skits that relate to colour that we can teach the brownies?
So far we have,

Pink Pyjamas
Three little Angels
Yellow Ducks

We have an hour to fill so need quite a few more. I have started looking on campfire song sites but I was hoping you could give me some pointers to save me clicking on every link to read all the words.



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Land of The Silver Birch

Green and Yellow

Make New Friends

Hmm, this is trickier than I thought. I will keep thinking.

Chocolate Moose

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Black socks
Grey Squirrel
Make new friends (one is silver and the other gold ...)
The green grass grows all around
John Brown's body
Ten green bottles

more sunday school than guiding songs but I've known them sung at guiding events
Colours of day
Who put the colours in the rainbow