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Souvenier DVD - new from Trading

Haven't watched that bit fully, but yes it seems to have something from each region.

The DVD's got 10 sub sections - launch, 1 world 1 beat, Hampton Ct flower show, adventures, centenary camp, fusion, GOLD and vision, plus a section called extras which has launch and vision sub sections in it.


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Ooooooo I might buy it, I filmed/edited/produced for One World One Beat, so would be nice to remember it and have it on DVD
Hi Guidermum as well as DD does it have other members of our Centenary Camp group if so will have to go out and buy it
Yep! A clip of you and a couple of others (inc DD) arriving with bags etc, DD and a fellow womble doing bell boating and another of you, DD and a few other wombles watching the acrobat at Fusion.

Easy to spot because of your logo ;)


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This must be the one that came out about 6 months ago - I will rewatch tomorrow as I have forgotten most of what is on it now.