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SS New Units & Budgets


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Looking for any advice, I have scrolled and search but can't find anything.

In Jan I am stepping down as Guide LIC and starting SS with the 3 eldest who have completed their BP,

Originally the idea was the meet the same time as guides to save costs on the hall and so we don't have to pick a new night and as County Guide advisor I can be there for the new leader.

For Guides I have advertised numerous times and methods for a new leader (I was only leader until this year so have 3 LIT's, on the DC who is also brownies so does not want to take over, one in uni so can only attend when home and the other is 20 and lives 30 mins away and may not get here in winter so also does not want to take over) I have had no one offer to take this unit on and have told DC I am no longer looking for leader.

So there is now a possibility that the Guide Unit may close with 20 guides (I can't and don't want to do both sections.

I am now thinking how are we going to fund SS.

We have just heard that census after county levy is £27.60 guide only pay £25 a term so would not expect to increase for SS especially when we wont be meeting as often planning fortnightly.

I am applying for resources with GG & Trefoil grants and have bought a couple of presents from guides (leaving presents as they have been with them for 4 years)

I am going to get them to look at fund raising ideas but can't do bag packing as supermarket no longer bothers to get back to us and to be honest the girls don't like the local supermarket (all others out of county and 30 minutes to travel to minimum) so thinking quiz sheets that shops can sell.

Just wanting to know how others have coped with budgeting and costs, if guides don't continue the only thing i can see doing is meeting in my home but i am 7 miles away from town in a England (the Unit is in Wales) All other venues in the town are more expensive.

Thanks in advance.


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We are lucky in that we are able to rent the Ranger room in our Guide HQ for quite cheap as we don't have many girls. That said, we often meet elsewhere (my house, meetings out and about, girls houses) because of the activities they want to do.

As for census, you have 2 options really - either you include it in subs, or they pay extra in Jan/Feb to cover it. We don't really have this issue because all of ours are YLs and their units pay it. IMO fundraising shouldn't really be used to cover regular unit expenses.

Guider Woo

Have you researched what grants you could get? As a brand new unit I was able to apply for a grant from Youth United. Might be worth looking into.

Ranger Bear

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We entered the unit into the Waitrose community funding and were selected with two other charities. I asked my friends Guide Unit to help with encouraging family and friends to put their tokens in our appeal. We achieved £350 and when the Guides did the same thing we returned the favour.