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Starting dates

Mrs T

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I normally try and get new girls to start at the beginning of a half term, and leave at the end of a half term so I don't have girls coming and going all the time. We also try to plan a quieter evening at the start of term so newbies can settle in and we have time to chat to parents.
We had a girl due to start this week whose mum has asked to start next week instead due to Inset day and transportation problems Normally I would say OK, but this term we have so many outings and different meetings I just don't think it would be feasible both for her finding it overwhelming and for consent forms etc.
I explained all this to mum and suggested waiting now till Sept but is now a bit upset that she will miss so many. Am I being a bit harsh, and should I try to bring her in sometime this term?


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Why would you treat this girl any differently? You have a routine and have good reasons for it. Is she special / does she have a special reason?

Batty Owl

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When you are just 5, a wait until September seems like a lifetime. I think I would try her at meetings this term and if she can't cope, she could simply stop and restart in September.


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For the sake off one week I would just let her start. It would be a shame that she misses out on some exciting activities.


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have you explained your concerns to mum - re settling in, not knowing others and with being away from the meeting place it is a bit hard to find the routines. If mum is happy with this - will come with or will pick up her daughter if she is having issues on the first few nights, then that is a compromise I would make


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Playing devil's advocate ....... what if mum hadn't told you this?
What if she'd planned on starting week one, as you'd normally do ...... then just didn't turn up, or called you an hour before to say she was sick, so would just see you next week. You wouldn't have said - it's week one or nothing, wait until September??

Depends how much of a problem you really think it is ......... the quiet / intro nights are a great idea, but is it an all or nothing situation?
Could you email consent forms so they're ready to be signed and passed back to you?