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Starting Forms - help please!


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Does anyone have a copy of the old starting form (Guides) saved anywhere?

Everytime I download the new version there is a glitch on it where there is a blank space on the last 2 pages. Also it's laid out in a weird way that I don't like.

Or does anyone have a good copy of the new one? I'd rather use the correct one but I can't get one that works. I can't get on to GO at the minute either!


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I’ve just had a go at downloading the blank starting form from the “unit forms” part of the Guiding website, and opened it in Word. It comes out correctly.

The seemingly poor thoughtout layout (mixing information that parents would want to keep in with what needs to be returned to the unit) I think is universally picked up on as a dislike! Or is it that it’s been “disturbed” and is coming up mixed up when you open it?


No, everyone's getting the layout which doesn't allow for some pages to be retained by the parent and some filled in and returned to the Leaders. Only advantage is that with it being emailed, parents can keep an entire copy and send an entire copy.


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It has a big blank bit on one side like there's another page laid over part of it. I thought it was just my work computer but it looks the same on my phone.

I might try to open in Word on my computer at home this evening if I still can't get it.

I called the helpline at HQ and they promised to forward me a copy but that was several hours ago and it hasn't come through yet


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I found that it would open correctly but when you tried to save or print, the spacing would go and it would shift everything down about 3 inches, cutting off the bottom. I've tried on both a mac and a work (Microsoft office) computer. I ended up using the old one, because obviously we need the bottom few inches of information!