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sussex west residential halls

Discussion in 'Girlguiding London and South East England' started by batty bird, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. batty bird

    batty bird R's B's & G's

    Nov 30, 2008
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    hi all , I have been looking for accommodation for 2018 Brownie holiday in sussex west . a 'new ' list of halls came out in September so I have been emailing around a few halls to check their availablilty for august 2018 . from contact with 4 halls I have 2 that are unable to offer anything longer than 1-2 nights stay ( we always do 5-6 nights) at any time of the year , another hall is under the impression we would only require it to store our equipment ( not for sleeping etc ) and another would love us to come but we would need to vacate the premises on the sunday to allow their regular bookings into the hall ( which would be ok but they have asked us not to be there from 9.am to 6.30pm ) .

    so I wanted to ask does anyone know how I would go about getting a hall added to the list? of course once/if I find one .
    also does anyone have any suggestions of a good hall in sussex west ? we have done Littlehampton and storrington to death so would be looking at something else .

    also has anyone been to Pagham Church Centre, Nyetimber Lane in the last 2-3 years ? as when we last visited it ( 2-3 years ago ) it was rather mouldy and not very clean .
    anyhelp would be much appreciated ...ps we did blackland farm this year ...its was brilliant .

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