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Taking Girls to the Ulster Museum

Rainbow wren

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Has anyone taken a group to the Ulster Museum since it reopened?
I was thinking of taking Rainbows. We have 30 so finding places to take them all is starting to be a bit of a problem so I thought this would be a bit different.
They do guided packages for school groups for £30 so I was thinking of booking this.


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The new museum is really good. I've never taken my guides there (we don't get out much due to girls' and leaders' weekend commitments) but it's really good for kids. They have wee workshop areas - sometimes there's a craft to do or something, in a room away from everything else. That'd probably be a given with the school package. There's plenty to see and do, and I think more of the fossils are available to touch. They may get scared in the under-the-sea bit (it's dark and has a ginormous turtle behind the glass, among many other things) but the beauty with the new layout is that you don't have to do through it. You could leave the scared ones with another leader at the entrance to it while you take the ones who want to see it inside, it's literally 100metres or so. I'd recommend going yourself one day first to see. I did my work experience in the palaeontology department there just before they started the refurbishments, so I may be a wee bit biased by saying it's great but I really do think it is. Seriously, have a wee look around yourself first.



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I understand the museum is offering a sleepover for girls + workshop and breakfast. (not sure which section though) or the dates. Maybe something you could look into!?