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Thanks Wren, Osprey and Smartie!


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Thanks to Wren, Osprey and Smartie for all the hard work they put into making the weekend fun!

Met loads of new people and had a great time with old friends :)




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I had a fab weekend, thanks for organising it! Great to finally meet some of you and expand my badge collection! :)


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Massive thanks for oraganising a great weekend. had a great time, but think early night is in order :sleeping:


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I'd like to add my thanks to the organisers for a good weekend, especially the fun archery session.

(P.S. Are you sure there's no cake left? Not even a smidgeon?)


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I want to add my thanks to the organisers as well. I had a lovely weekend. Great to see those of you I had already met and to meet those of you I hadn't already met.


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Thanks guys. although I'm not looking forward o stepping on the scales in the morning. Hmm, late night snack ... wonder if I can find any cake!