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Thinking Day 2018


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Just a bit of inspiration needed really! The theme for 2018 is "Impact" and I've looked at the WAGGGS resource, but struggling to convert the resource into fun, Brownie suitable activities. I don't want to have to 'discuss' things! We have another unit visiting us so we'll have about 35 brownies and we'll be indoors in a fairly small hut. Last year for "Grow" we made edible soil pots in mixed unit groups of 6, so something equally fun would be good!

Please share your "Impact" WTD activity ideas!


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There is a lot of 'discuss', hardly what 35 Brownies want to do ever! but there is a participation story, a quiz a game and a chance to create some kind of mosaic/mural all of which would work for a large number in a small hall


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Does anyone else have any ideas about this theme? Ideas that aren't in the WTD pack, but are somehow related to the word "Impact" or adaptations of the ideas in the pack, are greatly appreciated. I can see another thread has popped up with a similar question so please keep the ideas coming for everyone's benefit!


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I really like it!

What about... making something to show the impact Brownies can have? So, looking at their ideas re environmental actions, each Brownie chooses seven challenges for herself, one per day, and draws or writes them on a shape such as a footprint? They colour each one in as it is done, and bring them back the next week so you can put them all together and they can see how their individual activities all add up. You could then take a picture of them with the display for the last section.