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Travelling to Our Chalet


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I'm travelling to Our Chalet at the end of the month and am trying to sort out flights/trains.

I'm flying from London and don't yet know if I'm going to Zurich or Geneva; depends on the costs.

It's the first time I've visited Switzerland and I'm travelling on my own !

I'm trying to work out the trains, but haven't got a clue which train station in Zurich I need; the SBB website gives about five options - ditto when I look for Geneva.

People who have travelled there before - do you know which train station I need and how long the journey takes to Frutigen (and then how long the bus takes to Adelboden Oey)

Thanks very much.
Presumably you are planning on going straight from the airport to OC, not stopping off to see Zurich or Geneva first?

In which case there are train stations at both of the airports (swiss transport is amazing...it all matches up, planes, trains, buses, boats!!)

So you want to go from Zurich flughafen or Geneva aeroport to Adelboden Oey.
When you have put that in the website it will bring you options up, you can then click for the details, and it will show you all the changes.

Although there will normally be several changes it is really straight forward. Print, or write out your journey details, and it will give you everything on the website. Time into a station, and what platform you arrive on, time leaving and what platform. They will also have plenty of information boards up at the station and the staff are always helpful. Bear in mind that swiss trains do leave *on time*, so do make sure you are at the platform at the right time! (although if you miss it, you can always just catch the next one, doesn't matter with your train ticket).

If I remember right Zurich to Adelboden is about 3 hours-ish, whilst I think Geneva is abit longer 3-4hrs I think (depends on exactly which connections you get). The bus part from Frutigen to Adelboden is about 30 mins.

At big stations, like the airports there will be ticket desks to buy tickets from, or you can use the machine (really easy to use, pick english, then select destination, adult ticket and pay!) When you go to adelboden you can buy a ticket all the way there (including the bus part). On your way back you can only buy a bus ticket when you get on the bus (ie: to frutigen) and then buy your train part at the station..if that makes sense.

Hope that helps :)

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We went last year via Geneva - our times were as follows: From Geneva Airport (Dep 09.45) to Adelboden Oey (Arr 12.54), and return from Adelboden Oey (Dep 10.54) to Geneva Airport (Arr 14.15) in time for our flight home which departed at 16.45. (We managed to get our tickets for the whole journey before we left this country).

Because of flight times we stayed overnight at Geneva Youth Hostel on the way there http://www.genevahostel.ch/en/index.html (highly recommended, as was the one in Zurich used by the American girls). Travel into Geneva was free http://www.gva.ch/en/desktopdefault.aspx/tabid-67/ and then the Youth Hostel supplied a ticket that got us back to the airport for free http://www.geneve-tourisme.ch/index.php?rubrique=0000000417&lang=_eng

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p.s. Our journey was Geneva Airport - Bern - Speiz - Frutigen - Adelboden Oey. As Kookabura says, trains in Switzerland are very reliable so you should have no fears about travelling alone.


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Thank you very much (especially the tip off about the Geneva Youth Hostel). I want to try and stay in Geneva before going to Adelboden, as the thought of train, underground, plane, train and bus all in the same day is a bit much (especially as I'm going out for an interview the day after).
It's all a bit exciting and scary !
Thank you again


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If you need any more help, I live in Switzerland so can ask questions at the train station if necessary

Public transport is incredibly reliable and generally wonderful. I can feel myself becoming increasingly swiss as the other day, my train was 6 mins late (this NEVER happens) and it was stressing me and everyone else out - i am so used to never having a delay that I was like "what am I going to do for 6 mins?!?"... The man on the train then apologised as if it were like 2 hours late. Also, all of the connections generally fit in together really well, and so you will have about 5 mins to change trains, which is plenty of time. Also, if it is a connection that lots of people tend to make, they put the platforms for arriving and then departing right next to each other so it is super easy :)


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Becky, that sounds familiar! When I lived in Belgium, I got a train back to Brussels from Namur one day. Most of Belgium was under snow that day. The train was two mins late, and up and down the platform there were complaints of 'il est deux minutes en retard', as if it were a massive scandal. I just laughed, as two mins late to me is nothing.

I did once have a train back from Leuven that was 30 mins late, and I took a photo of the board as it's such a rare thing


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Well, I've booked the flights and the train. (The train webiste made my head hurt; the train ticket is more expensive than the flight). I'm going to Zurich, so need to find somewhere to stay. Am starting to worry now, as the website didn't give me the option od Zurich Flughafen, only Zurich HB.
It'll all be fine. I'm a Guide. I can cope. (Am also going to go and eat chocolate ice-cream, which will make all the difference!)
Hi- I am a leader in the United States, I am traveling with my girls this summer to our Chalet. I was wondering if any of you are familiar with how to get from Venice Italy to our Chalet? The trains don't appear to show them running at this time to adelboden, will they have routes in the summer? Can anyone suggest a website or train?
I'm trying to confirm how my girls can get from Venice to our Chalet and then leave from the Chalet and travel to Paris. I don't want to lock in airfare from these two cities if it's difficult to travel into and out of our Chalet from them. Any help would be great, Thank you!


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I can't comment on the availability of the train services in Switzerland though they are as reliable as their reputation. I would recommend this website though to help you plan your trip...I used it 10 years ago to help plan a trip from the Uk to Rome by train which worked well.

The Man in Seat Sixty-One - the train travel guide...

All I would say is build in some time for delays when a journey is crucial ( we were delayed on the Paris Metro by 30 mins which made a connection quite tight). Also if rail services arn't available there may be a bus service...