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Treasure Hunt Today

Hi everyone,

Holding a treasure / scavenger hunt around town today for our Brownies. Very excited, clues sorted, risk assessment finished and we're ready to go - except I've only gone and forgotten a prize!!!

So, what do you buy inexpensively for 24 Brownies when you live in a small town with no transport? (I'm thinking something that is available in co-op as I have to do the school run yet anyway and that's almost 2 miles already =/ )

Oh no!!! Last time I ever volunteer to organise prizes :O my brain is just coming up blank!

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Funsize sweets. Cheap and the Coop should definitely have choice.

If you aren't allow to do sweets, the you could check their toy/party section. They normally have small add-on items. Also, those small raisin/fruit boxes.


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Lollipops are always a winner, and you often get variety packs which would suit everyone's tastes (and you don't have to worry about nut allergies)