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uniform for brownie age 9


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A new brownie has joined a unit that meets on a different night to us but at the same place. The leader spoke to me about Brownie A. She was with mum but is now living with dad social services suggested getting her into guiding she has 2 siblings and dad and step mum have now both been made redundant. she doesn't have a uniform.

We have both searched our small uniform stockpile but only have small sizes I have asked recently left girls and have tried freegle both where we are and where a friend lives with no joy.

Please does anyone have a uniform that this Brownie could have she is quite a tall just turned 9 year old and most of the girls have trousers tee shirt and jacket.

Thank you


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I have a big intake into my Guides this term, I'll ask them if anyone has a Brownie uniform they want to donate, but they just have the T Shirt and Skort, would that be any good?


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We have some as well but they are Unit property, if you give an idea of size we can all have a look in our cupboards. I would need to take some money for unit funds so if anyone has any they can offer free do take those instead first.


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I am going to help at their meeting later this week and will see if I can judge what size she is in relation to one of my brownies and ask them what size they have as all I know at the moment is she is 9

Thank you for the offers of help we hoped we would be able to sort it out with our spare uniform box but it is all little sizes.