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Unit Helpers and First Aid


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Hello I was wondering if anyone could help me on a question that my Unit Helpers asked me at our meeting today.

Are they allowed to deal with minor first aid needs- bumps and such or does it fall down to me as the Unit Leader and only fully qualified and first response trained adult in the hall to deal with any medical accidents?

Both ladies are mums to girls in my unit so will be used to dealing with incidents at home, but for minor issues do I need to deal with them or can they sort the Rainbows out?

Who deals with first aid incidents at your meeting place?

Obviously anything major and needing an insurance form I will deal with myself as ultimatly I am responsible for them.


Yes, you can let them deal with minor first aid matters - and they can note in the records the treatment given, and let you know about it. But equally, you could encourage them to consider getting training, it's useful for everyone to learn first aid and accident prevention . . .


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there is nothing to stop them going on a first response course, I put my YL's on it, as well as making sure all adult leaders and helpers go too, guides can attend a first response course as well which if they are doing the guide camp permit may be a worthwhile activity for them.


according to GGUK any one in a leadership role in guiding ,which includes all young leaders, senior section members,unit helpers and occasional helpers can attend 1st response courses commissioners should also attend
Guides are not mentioned as they have their own first aid badge


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you don't need to have gone on a first aid course to deal with most things that occur during meetings (eg. sticking on of plasters and tlc)