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Unit website advice

Hi fellow guiders!

I'm looking setting up a unit website. I've explored Wix and Webs. My question is how can I get the url to have the unit name first followed by .wix.com/.webs/com? At the moment, my wix one has my name at the front of it which makes it clunky!



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you'll have specified the site name / username when you signed up, which is what it put in the URL.

You could sign up again with the unit name as the username and then it will be in the URL.

Buying a domainname is an option, usually an annual fee as above. You can then use "domain forwarding" to point that domainname to the sites on whatever service you use.

Some services try to charge extra for you to use your own domain name - but this isn't necessary. Domain forwarding will do a very similar thing without having to pay the extra.

Example -
You buy 3rdAnyUnit.co.uk and have 3rdanyunit.wix.com
The user puts in 3rdanyuser.co.uk and is auto domain forwarded to 3rdanyunit.wix.com so they now see 3rdAnyUnit.wix.com in their URL. and continue to visit pages, at 3rdunit.wix.com

Second Example -
The option wix and others will offer for extra money is 3rdAnyUnit.co.uk being properly hosted. So the user would never see 3rdAnyUnit.wix.com and would only ever see the 3rdanyunit.co.uk

Does that make sense?
Yes I think so thank you. I'm not really thinking about a domain name until I can see how much it's used.

Live web development...I get a bit of power rush when I realise what I'm doing can be seen all over the world!


webs gives you unit-name-first - mine are http://www.1stcurriebrownies.webs.com and http://www.3rdcurrieguides.webs.com - but in general terms, where you have a free website you have to go with the provider's format, if you go paid-for then you don't - but often with free providers you have the option to set up using their format, then at a later date you can opt to make your site paid-for and can alter the website name accordingly, which seems logical - once the site is up and running you can better judge whether the amount of traffic justifies paying for a domain name.


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we use moonfruit as no adverts, I had a issue with Webs where parents started complaining about the types of adverts tehy were using