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Valentines Craft (yes, in July/August!)


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We are taking our Guides away on camp this summer and our theme basically involves celebrating as many festivals as possible. (Christmas dinner on a campfire is going to be interesting, but we'll see what happens!)

Anyway, I could do with having a craft on stand-by for Valentines Day. I have considered doing the Danish woven heart baskets, possibly out of funky foam, but I know that alot of the girls have done this in the past.

Does anyone have any ideas please?

Thank you ^.^


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Sorry its been a while since this topic was posted, but I wanted to say thanks for all the suggestions!

In the end we went for the duct tape flowers and the girls really enjoyed making them. Some might have turned out slightly better than others (I think theres a bit of a knack to it) but everyone produced something! Really intrigued by duct tape craft in general, so we might be looking into it a bit further.