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website security certificate


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My computer is refusing to allow me into Guiders.co.uk as its security certificate has expired - is anyone else getting this?
Still unable to access website from my laptops. Getting same notice saying website not private. Okay on my phone. Its been the same since Saturday no problem before that.
Still not able to access website from laptop. Security says can go to website but will not be secure, so reluctant to do this. Assume the moderators are aware of this problem


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With the website being insecure I wonder if a reminder should go out about posting details (even though this is a relatively open forum), as I have noticed an increase in posts with email addresses. In the past those posts would get edited by mods but maybe the rules have changed(?).


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Hi All, Sorry about the warning message. I've had our hosting company working on it, it unfortunately takes a few days to get a new certificate issued and installed.

To explain what's going on.. the security warning is because our site is set as https not http, so it's looking for a secure certificate to encrypt the data flowing back and forth. Most forums don't have this encryption and data is sent through the standard http but we added it a while back just as an extra for encrypting passwords etc. It's a bit overkill but Google likes it apparently. Mainly it's for online shopping/transactions.

You can get around the warning on your browser by clicking on the Advance button when it pops up and then click Proceed.


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Sorry... in response to @badgemad4 we do try and warn people about posting emails but we've no official rule against it. You can of course give out your email if you want it's just the more instances of your email being on the open internet the more likely bots will pick it up and start sending lots of spam.

If you want to share your email it's best to do it directly through the Private Messages. If you want to give out your email for something like a challenge it might be worth setting up a temporary one through hotmail or google that's just for that purpose rather than use your own personal one. There are also a few forum sections that aren't open to google search such as the Geek Elite and Difficult situations.