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Weekly Discussion: Do we need the manual "back"?

Should the manual be a self contained section again?

  • Yes

  • No

  • I don't know

  • There should be both

  • Other

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When the Guiding website underwent its most recent major redesign one of the most noticeable function changes was that the manual was no longer (my apologies to the more tech lit for any mis-phrasing!) a self contained part of the website. Snippets of information are now spread throughout the website, and can be identified by a gold yellow coloured open book symbol. All of the information is basically still there but I often see/hear comments that leaders "want the manual back".

What do you all think?
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The information is all still basically there...but some times it's too spread out, some pages only have one or two paragraphs on them! A few months ago we were approached by a workplace who offered to advertise volunteering opportunities for us, but they wanted copies of some of our health and safety information alongside our gender policies. I had to apologetically send them about three links per point. All of them could have been on the same page, potentially with the option of having a click and expand on subheadings to make it easier to use.

The website search function and general navigation can also sometimes be *variable*, with most members I know generally using Google first.


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I preferred the printed manual, but the website manual was easier and cheaper to update - it just didn't seem as detailed in many areas. Spreading it out across the website has just watered down it's importance even more. It should be all in one place, accessible, and detailed.


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The problem I find with it being online, whether in one place or dotted around the website, is it is too easy for things to change and not to be aware of it. I feel changes to rules should be flagged up more.


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I think we need both, that quick searchable reference for when you just need to check and a format where you can read a whole section.

The library’s do ebooks with expiry dates so that might be a good compromise as things do change.


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It seems self evident to me that essential information should be arranged in one reference manual and supporting information should cite it.

What is the advantage of spreading the most vital information around all over the website? I am genuinely curious.


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Both are useful. We need one place to go and look things up but, for those to whom it didn't occur there may even be anything to check for their activity / situation, they need a little flag right there in the text that they were already reading.


Not only do I want a clearly located rulebook - but I want a proper, publicised, update system. So a set date (say once a quarter at most) when any rule changes will launch, other than in the case of emergencies. That way one can check the manual and have some level of confidence that the rules at time of planning will not have changed by the time the planned event occurs, without one being aware of it.


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The information is all still basically there...but some times it's too spread out,
Yes I completely agree with this - sometimes I feel like I am going round and round the houses on the website clicking link after link to get where I need to go. I always use the search function at the top of the page to start looking for things - I have no idea where to find anything now. Even simple things like checking ratios which should be easy to look up takes me ages with the website now.

I find the same thing with the newsletter - that you have to click endless links to read all the articles, it also makes it a waste of paper and ink to try and print out the information for a Leader I know who doesn't like using the internet.


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Of course, it may work better if the search engine on the GG website was any good. It improved with the new website, but still throws up all sorts of stuff that is irrelevant, and it sometimes takes ages to find what you are actually looking for. Trying to find census dates this year (which I know I have somewhere, but can't remember where!), the search engine was very unhelpful. I used the term 'annual membership', rather then 'census', as I thought it would be easier for the search....