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Should there be more material with uniformed adults?

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So the Know Your Place campaign is over. Alongside it came lots of new photos for the website, and whilst they have been praised for featuring a diverse range of volunteers- are they actually volunteers for GG or someone just along for the meeting?

Hardly any of the people featured in the latest videos, promotional material or “stock” photos are wearing any form of memberwear, let alone uniform. If you currently go to the homepage the only photos up featuring uniform are girls. Yet our leaders and certain other adult members are expected to wear appropriate uniform.

Should we have more adults wearing uniform on our materials?


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I can see why they might have initially gone for non uniformed adults, the idea of “it could be you”. There are also valuable roles that don’t require uniform (administrators, non leader trainers and advisors, Helpers) that can be an “in” for some.

But we expect adults to wear uniform, and “leaders” are some of the roles we require the most. I know that some have problems with fit/wear and tear but is the uniform really that scary/hideous/institutional that we are hiding it away?

I’d rather have the same group of diverse women shown, with it made clear that what they have in common is Guiding- with the uniform being a visual marker of that.


What would have been interesting would have been to have all in mufti, then some appearing later in uniform, illustrating that there are uniform and non-uniform oportunities out there.


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I know some of the people in the new material and they are all uniformed volunteers. On the website, there are a number of people that I know, some were employees at the time ( as well as volunteers) and the photo's were taken at trainings and meetings over a period. Not all events for volunteers take place in uniform so often hard to differentiate and also more outdoor activities don't dictate or are appropriate for uniform so again hard to manage unless it is stage managed..do we all go walking in our GG waterproofs ?


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maybe there should be images of the same people in different clothing - some in uniform, some in what you wear to work, some in what you like to wear - showing that although we are different, we unite in Guiding.