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Weekly Discussion: One thing…


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What’s one thing you would like all members/volunteers to know?

If you could magically send a message to everyone and it would be seen what would it be?


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Today isn’t yesterday.

We might have mistakes in the past but we can learn from them.
Something might have been successful in the past but it isn’t now.
Something might have been the done thing in the past but it isn’t now.
Just because this weeks meeting didn’t go well it doesn’t mean next weeks won’t be better.
That glitch on Go won’t last forever, that order will arrive and sometimes help can come when you least expect it.


Guiding is a hobby or pastime which adults do because they enjoy doing it. An engaging hobby, sometimes a frustrating hobby, and it can bring you a lot of fun and a lot of opportunities you wouldn't get anywhere else. You can choose to give as many hours to it as you wish, you can choose to accept opportunities or take on responsibilities. But - it should never be your only hobby, nor your main topic of conversation . . .


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You get out of it what you put into it...

If you only ever go to to your unit meeting, you will enjoy it...but if you put a little extra in and go to the District Meetings, go to occasional trainings you get to know more people, gain more support, learn new skills and activites. Go to some events either with your unit or as an additional volunteer and your horizons will be broadened and lifelong friends made....

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Another one that I cannot take credit for…

I cannot remember where I heard it from so it might be one from here, sorry I haven’t credited you!

“The only thing that all of us (as leaders) have in common is the uniform.”

I try to remember this when I wonder why someone has chosen a certain route of action that either doesn’t make sense to me.