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What cord should I use?


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Next month I am volunteering in a Romanian summer school, and taking loads of activities with me.
My sister has sewn loads of bags out of old curtain liners, but I need to add the drawstring!
Does anyone have any ideas of what I can use? (I'm probably needing 20 - 30m!)
If it comes in interesting colours, that would be even better.


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Paracord is relatively cheap, strong and comes in any number of colours/ patterns. Cheapest place to buy is probably ebay, plenty of choice of colours and sellers. The Chinese sellers seem to be particularly cheap (about £3-£4 for the length you need) and would be good enough quality for bag draw strings, but can take a few weeks to arrive from China so be aware of that when you're ordering.


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Thanks everyone! I think I'll use paracord.
I did like the twisted cord from wool, but think trying to do 30 of them (on top of everything else!) would be a bit much....