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Question? What might be useful?


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We have our last meeting tonight with the guides in our unit before we go on holiday next weekend. We are completing an indoor residential and doing agility and cooks badges along with campfire challenge and holiday badge.

What might it be useful to let the girls do tonight?

Is there anything that might get forgotten in the rush of the final week?



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That is an ambitious lot of badges you're intending to do in a weekend!

Have they been involved in what to pack/not to pack, what activities are on the agenda? Are you intending to make placemats/decorations - if yes, is this an activity on the first night, or is that something you could do before you go?

To be honest, a week before you go, probably just do something unrelated and ham up the excitement of the weekend ahead. :)


Depends on your programme. If you're thinking of having a campfire, then it might be worth going over the songs they know/learning one or two new ones, so you have enough for a repertoire on the night. If you haven't already sorted it, then agreeing on who will be in which room, and any last-minute menu planning. Discussing and agreeing the duties rota with the Patrols you will have means everyone knows what to expect and isn't shocked at being expected to do housework. Answering any queries over kit list and health form, and discussing any rules which apply to these. Making sure everyone knows where and when to arrive, and what meals will be served on Friday so they don't have either 2 dinners or no dinner!