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What time do you start?


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In a lot of ways, it doesn't really matter what a few folk on here currently do ....... you've seen the varying opinions on 8.30 finishes being early or 9 / 9.30 being late ...... just for argument's sake & to be different, the Guide unit I used to run was a 8.45 finish (yes Quack, because it always had been so ;-)

What's more important for you crazypencil is when your venue is available (or when the alternative is, and if you could use it) and when you'd likely have adult volunteers.
I could make a lot of sweeping statements ..... you'll never get adult leaders as they're all working at 3.30pm etc etc ...... but maybe you've got a load of part-time / shift workers / SAHMs / whatever lined up, in which case that's not a problem for you. You might just have to bite the bullet and set the unit up for 3.30pm starts and see how popular it is - you'll soon get feedback, what you'll have to decide is how valuable that feedback is. Half of it will be from "moaners" about time / venue who you'll never please ..... but the other half will be valuable and helpful, even if it means tweaking a time etc

Same considerations for a weekend unit I think ....... it will suit many girls & parents & potential leaders ....... and it wont suit a load of others.


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Hi all, have not been on much!
We used to run alternate Sundays
Rainbows 4-5.30
Brownies 4-6.30
Guides 5.30-8
I've had to stop Guides due to only having 2 girls and lots of things going on in my personal life.
We have lost our Rainbow leader!
So sadly we have only got Brownies at the moment.
We may be moving Rainbows to a weekday or, possibly (as other Rainbow units do - I think there are quite a few) Sat morning.


Brownie-induced madness
Also - I know there are Scout units in rural areas near us that run once a month on a Saturday (all day more or less), and I heard about a Guide unit that did similar (in Scotland, and only met outdoors! Crazy to my mind!)

Someone [someone at a higher level than me, cough] told me "the fact that a leader can run a unit at that time is not a good reason to have a unit at that time" more or less but I completely disagree - especially since some girls can only make weekends (one of our ex-Rainbow parents for example says that although her daughter doesn't have that many activities, with sibling activities any other time is no good); we are struggling to get a hall at an alternative time in the same area of town; and it's the only unit in that area of town.