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Who pays for your census?


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Don't know if this has been asked already but who pays for your unit census?

In our district historically it has come out of unit funds. We don't ask parents to pay separately for it or to make an 'extra' contribution towards it in the Spring term. We save up from normal subs across the course of the year and from any fund raising we might do to cover it. Just wondered how other people pay for it?


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We do the exact same as you. Leaders from Unit and Girls from unit funds which has been built up from Subs payments


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I ask the parents for it. We don't collect subs on top this term. We exist on the money that we have collected from the other two terms. That is £40 (£20 per term)per head. We are lucky though, our parents can afford to pay the amount up front.


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We factor in the cost of census to our subs, enough to cover the girls and volunteers. Occasionally parent of former Rainbows whose unit do annual payments question if they are paying twice but most are happy when they find its for the next year.

As a leadership team we have started to discuss about introducing a £5 per term holding charge for girls who want to miss a term but have a planned return, to cover census. And it serves as an incentive for parents to give us an answer of if they are returning or not.

Volunteers whose main role is with the unit have it paid for by the unit unless they are currently no longer active with the unit but need membership for a specific event OR they have a role that doesn’t require membership but they would like it for membership benefits and it outweighs what they volunteer.
For example several years ago there was once a leader who had booked an international trip for the following year but moved away for uni without picking up a new role. She paid a donation to the unit towards her census fee and it was agreed after the trip she would be taken off unless she became active again. The latter has never been acted on due to a lack of need but we have agreed it just in case after seeing what happened in another unit.


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We pay from Unit funds. This year, census has risen by £6.00 but we were not told until the week of our last meeting. I had to quickly write a letter explaining why Subs are going up and hand it out on the last night.


Ideally it should come from unit funds - because Leaders shouldn't be out of pocket for their volunteering, and because it's the units which benefit from the volunteer's input (indeed wouldn't exist without it).


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We build the cost of the census for all girls and the leaders into the budget so subs covers it. Roughly one term covers census, one term rent and one term are activities and running costs..that way parents know where they stand and it doesn't really matter who joins and leaves..

Most units, if not all, in the District do the same and charge a similar amount of subs.
We pay from unit subs and fundraising but we've recently had an influx of guides so the money we have in the bank will only just cover annual subscription this year. I get a bit twitchy when money is running low and I'm currently feeling extremely twitchy.