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Who's coming to G2G3...


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Okay, its sill-o'clock and I'm up and about on a day off work.

Leaving here soon, meeting Smudge & Gaelic-girl at lunch time for the drive south.

see you all at dinner/tea/supper/what ever you call evening meal time!!

*bounce bounce*

time for more caffine.
I'm not bouncing yet, not had a cup of tea. Wish me luck in BO's kitchen, need to find the mugs, implements and tea bags yet!

Hope Ellen can make it!


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ahhhhhhhhh so I have just got out a nice bath and am about to finish packing when I realised that the only comfortable "over the shoulder mountain holder" was not wash last night! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! So it is currently washing and I need to leave in an hour! So am a tad stressed!

Got my eyelet maker for you if ellen if you are coming!