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Wide game for all sections

I'm planning to run a Senior Section birthday party/Thinking Day event for the whole district, with activities based on the Octants and I'd like to do a wide game for Out of Doors. The trouble is, I'm expecting somewhere between 40 and 70 girls, aged four to twenty-two. Does anyone know any wide games suitable for both Rainbows and Rangers and everything in between and/or any game for that number of participants? Or am I better off breaking it down into four smaller games and not trying to mix the big people and the little people?

Batty Owl

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I think there are a number of things to think through with this idea. To begin with, how much time do you have to cover all 8 points? A wide game could easily take an hour or so to play unless it is very simple, like just going out to find a few items. Are you planning for the whole group to be doing just one octant at a time or have several going on at any one time? If you have several octants running simultaneously you might reduce the number of players on the wide game to between 10 and 20 which might be more manageable. If you ran the sort of game where you move between bases to complete challenges, it should be possible to offer suitable challenges to each age group but all on the same theme. If it is a mixed age team have each age group's challenge adds points to the total earned or the number of clues given if they are searching for something ( Did someone take the key to Our Chalet home by mistake?) Another thing to consider is the weather. It can be pretty foul in February so you need to think about how you thaw out frozen soggy Rainbows if needs be. I'm sure it could be done. If you come back to us when you are more certain of exactly what you want to do we can start looking at actual wide games. ;)
We're having seven bases for the other seven Octants that the girls go round at their own speed for the first couple of hours (and it's no big deal if they skip one or two), which is a format we've used at several similar events, and then I was intending to spend the last hour or so playing a big wide game but now I've realised how many girls might be involved, I guess it might be a better idea to have the wide game as one of the bases and do it in smaller groups. Or maybe abandon the idea of a wide game and either do something else outside or do something outdoors-themed inside (maybe have it as backup in case of bad weather).