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Question? Writing to the Queen


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My Rainbows have been working on a big card - last night they wrote little messages of introduction about themselves to go with pics of them all inside. I hope they get a reply - they will be very excited!


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We got a lovely reply today for the card we sent a couple of weeks ago. :) so go for it!

It has a message from a lady in waiting, one from the Queen and several glossy pages of info, the first one with a picture of her Majesty in her Guide uniform


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I'm about to send my Rainbows cards off in a minute. They loved making them last week (I also put some royal themed pictures on the table so they could copy/get ideas from). But the end result was so good/cute we have green corgi's, the queen dancing, 30+ balloons on one card and many more designs plus they all wrote their own message inside including "To the Queen, I have never been to Buckingham Palace, Happy 60 Years as Queen" and "To the Queen, I like your corgi". Everyone who has seen them so far has just ended up smiling!